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Student Drop-Off Procedures


Student Drop-off area is on the west side of the school.  Please enter campus from Holly Springs Drive.

  • This is for ALL GRADE LEVELS, including both AM/PM Kindergarten classes.
  • Heed entrance and exit signs for this area, as these lanes are designed to be  a one-way route.
  • There is no parking in either the inner or outer lanes of the student drop off/pick up area.  Please DO NOT park or exit your vehicle, other than to assist child(ren) in/out of the vehicle.
  • Students are NOT to exit vehicles in the outer lane of traffic.  This is a major safety concern, as they may not be able to cross the street using the crosswalk, and may have to cross in front of other vehicles.
  • Pull as far forward as possible, so that we can maximize our space and keep traffic flowing as best as possible.
  • Travel at a slow speed as school children, parents, and staff members are outside during drop off/pick up times.
  • Have your child(ren) prepared to exit your vehicle before you enter the area (backpack/lunchbox/materials in lap).  Students are to exit your vehicle ONLY once you have come to a complete stop within the inner lane.
  • Once your child(ren) have exited the car, please exit the drop off/pick up area, either by using the inner (current) lane of traffic, or by switching to the outer lane (if safe).  Proceed slowly as there are many people in this area.
  • When moving from inner lane to outer lane, always look!  Please ensure that no other vehicles are approaching from the outer lane and watch for people using the crosswalk.  Again, proceed slowly as there are many people in this area.
  • If there is an adult in the crosswalk area (should generally be in a reflective safety vest), please stop and allow people to cross.  Once everyone is out of the crosswalk completely, proceed forward slowly.
  • If you want to walk your child to where they line up, please park in the parking lot and walk them from there.
  • Please follow the direction of the teacher/staff members outside, and be courteous!