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Photo of Suzanne Williams Suzanne Williams Principal
Samantha Robinson Assistant Principal


Photo of Tina Dickinson Tina Dickinson Administrative Assistant
Photo of Brittany Jenkins Brittany Jenkins Office Assistant
Photo of Melissa Vatcher Melissa Vatcher Office Assistant


Photo of Lori Ackley Lori Ackley Teacher
Photo of Kerry Hoffmann Kerry Hoffmann Teacher
Photo of Brooke Mueller Brooke Mueller Teacher
Photo of Tamera Robinson Tamera Robinson Teacher

1st Grade

Photo of Shellie DeHaan Shellie DeHaan Teacher
Photo of JoLayne Heath JoLayne Heath Teacher
Photo of Haley McCall Haley McCall Teacher
Photo of Kristen Nichols Kristen Nichols Librarian
Photo of Jeannie Oaks Jeannie Oaks First Grade Teacher
Photo of Tara Timothy Tara Timothy Teacher

2nd Grade

Photo of Emily Garcia Emily Garcia Teacher
Photo of Holly Groves Holly Groves Teacher
Amy Luna Teacher
Photo of Belynda Paxton Belynda Paxton Teacher
Photo of Aimie Rizzuto Aimie Rizzuto Teacher
Photo of Robin Travis Robin Travis Teacher

3rd Grade

Photo of Melissa Brunke Melissa Brunke Teacher
Photo of Mindy Carroll Mindy Carroll Teacher
Photo of Camille Danielson Camille Danielson Teacher
Katherine Harris Teacher
Photo of Nichole Moore Nichole Moore Teacher
Photo of Hannah Spray Hannah Spray Teacher

4th Grade

Photo of Jon Black Jon Black Teacher
Photo of Aimee Dinehart Aimee Dinehart Teacher
Photo of Celina Forsyth Celina Forsyth Teacher
Photo of Kristi Matthews Kristi Matthews Teacher

5th Grade

Photo of Christine Hart Christine Hart Teacher
Photo of Jared Kosareff Jared Kosareff Teacher
Photo of Mikayla Miller Mikayla Miller Teacher
Photo of Rachel Nevin Rachel Nevin Teacher

6th Grade

Photo of Kendall Atkins Kendall Atkins Teacher
Photo of Ashley Firth Ashley Firth Teacher
Toni Kalinin Teacher
Photo of Adam Ledingham Adam Ledingham Teacher

Special Education

Jamilieth Campos-Alejandre Counselor
Photo of Melanie Canick Melanie Canick Occupational Therapist
Photo of Ling-Hsuan Chu Ling-Hsuan Chu Psychologist
Photo of Rebekah Holbrook Rebekah Holbrook Speech Language Pathologist
Photo of Christie McLaughlin Christie McLaughlin Speech Language Pathologist
Alison Preusz Teacher
Photo of Amanda Rasmussen Amanda Rasmussen Teacher


Photo of Matthew Banks Matthew Banks Cafeteria Assistant
Mindy Bush
Photo of Amy Crawford Amy Crawford Cafeteria Assistant
Sherry Florida Lunch Clerk
Photo of Summer Garcia Summer Garcia Lunch Manager
Photo of Gentry Melton Gentry Melton Cafeteria Assistant

Support Staff

Photo of Shar Adamson Shar Adamson Kindergarten Aide
Photo of Kara Bedont Kara Bedont School Nurse
Photo of Becki Carroll Becki Carroll Character Education Teacher
Photo of Ana Dorado Ana Dorado Classroom Assistant
Photo of Michelle Fordham Michelle Fordham Literacy Assistant
Photo of Andrew Fuchs Andrew Fuchs Wellness Room Aide
Phyllis Lampos Literacy Instructor
Photo of Courtney Mangerino Courtney Mangerino Art Teacher/Classroom Aide
Photo of Marisol Mercado Marisol Mercado Classroom Aide
Photo of AnneMarie Moses AnneMarie Moses Literacy Assistant
Photo of Rebecca Najera Rebecca Najera STEM Teacher
Photo of Katherine Nixon Katherine Nixon Literacy Assistant
Photo of Vianey Quintana Vianey Quintana Classroom Aide
Stephanie Sitze STEM/Computer Science Teacher
Photo of Connor Sullivan Connor Sullivan Instructional Coach
Photo of Julianna Thorne Julianna Thorne Art Teacher
Photo of Abigail Underwood Abigail Underwood Librarian
Photo of Kim Whiting Kim Whiting Librarian


Photo of Katelyn McBeth Katelyn McBeth Preschool Teacher
Photo of Vanessa Seiuli Vanessa Seiuli Preschool Aide
Photo of Logan Stutz Logan Stutz Speech/Language Pathologist
Photo of Danielle Thomson Danielle Thomson Preschool Aide

BTS Arts

Photo of Joseph Cook Joseph Cook BTS Music Teacher


Photo of Jennifer Vance Jennifer Vance
Photo of Joseph Velarde Joseph Velarde Custodian